With Passeport MTL étudiant international, you will...

Passeport MTL étudiant international allows newly arrived students to discover the city's richness and cultural diversity by offering a range of cultural activities. It grants priveleged access to a host of cultural events, special offers, and networking activities.

  • Expand your network by participating in exclusive activities
    Broaden your experience and meet new people by participating in our monthly networking activities followed by a cultural outing.
  • Earn dollar credits to use on activities of your choosing
    Cultural credits will be added regularly to your passport. Check your credits at any time and exchange them for admission to a wealth of cultural activities in the Greater Montréal Area.
  • Gain free access to Montréal's cultural institutions
    Gain free access to Montréal's cultural establishment Your Passport also gives access to various cultural establishment that change according to the season. You can discover them at the moment that suits you and access it for free upon presentation of your card.
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    Get front row seats to Montreal’s extraordinary cultural offerings
    Dance, history, music, cinema, theatre, visual and digital arts… Consult the online calendar to find out what’s happening in the city and easily plan your outings using our mobile app.

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to get the best out of Montréal's dynamic cultural scene.

Conditions for admission

Passeport MTL étudiant international is available to all international students currently enrolled at one of Montréal’s universities. The Passport is valid throughout the course of your studies.

In order to validate your international student status, you must upload a picture through the mobile app of a document that proves you are currently enrolled in a Quebec university (Quebec Acceptance Certificate or admission letter).